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DDS Athletes Special Olympics Basketball

Basketball is one of the top sports at Special Olympics. Players take it up at all ages and at all abilities, from young players learning to handle the ball and keep it under control while dribbling to older, more experienced players who have the moves and know the strategies to play challenging ball.


Differences of Special Olympics Basketball:


Special Olympics Basketball offers a series of adaptations of FIBA rules that are optional when conducting team competitions. Some of these adaptations include adjusting the length of the game, allowing a player to take two steps beyond what is ruled by FIBA as traveling, allowing the free throw shooter 10 seconds to release the ball, enforcing a rule that allows only five seconds of closely guarded play in front court, and rewarding two free throws beginning with the seventh team foul in each half.

Events for Competition:

  • 5 v. 5 Basketball

  • 3 v. 3 Basketball

  • Speed Dribble

  • Individual Skills Contest

  • Team Skills Basketball

  • Unified Sports Basketball

For our inaugural season, DDS Special Olympics will focus on the skills competitions.  

Basketball Fact sheet:

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