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2023 Off-Season Training Program

The DDS Off-Season training program is great for all athletes of all abilities. The program will help athletes maximize their speed and strength by training the 3 necessary components:  acceleration, top-end speed and speed endurance.  Athletes must increase the amount of force they can put into the ground. The more force they can produce, the faster they will run.


Training is available for every athlete, regardless of skill level.  From the beginner athlete looking to see if this is for them to the elite athlete working to compete at the next level.  Come ready for training designed to get you FASTER, run properly and be more agile. This program will focus on improving speed through proper mechanics and strength and power enhancement. 

Practices are twice during the week on Saturday mornings @ 9am and Monday evenings at 7pm for our athletes.  In addition, Sunday morning from 9:00 -10:30am, we have our circuit workout for our Middle and High School athletes.    


Registration Costs

$125 (One-time Fee)


  • All practice/conditioning equipment

  • All practices and training

WHAT'S NOT INCLUDED (All items Optional):

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