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2022 Homeschool Cross Country Program

DDS Athletes has kicked off it's 4th season of Cross Country training program all for a great price.  

Cross Country helps enhance your performance through building endurance and stamina. Cross Country running is usually ran off of the track; typically on trails, over hills, across fields, and through wooded areas.  It will also help athletes of all sports maintain their performance levels throughout the off season.  There will be opportunities to compete for those that choose.  No experience needed.


Cross Country practices are twice during the week on Mon & Thurs evenings @ 6:00pm at Warren High School for our elementary athletes and 7pm for our Middle/High School athletes.  On some Weds evenings at 6:30 sharp, we do a 2 mile run, jog, walk, crawl at Brackenridge Park with other San Antonio runners and families.  Saturday evening from 6-7 we have our Speed Workout.  

Cross Country competitions are typically held on Saturday mornings between 8am - 12noon depending on the age of the runner. 



The first practice begins on August 16 and continues until November 20th.  


Upcoming Meets:

August 27 Cornerstone XC Invitational

September 3 - Feast XC Invitational

October 1 - 5th Annual Hay Bale Cross Country Championship

October 15 - SACS XC Invitational

October 22 - Homeschool State Cross Country Championship

Registration Costs

$100 (One-time Fee)


  • All practice/conditioning equipment

  • All practices and training

WHAT'S NOT INCLUDED (All items Optional):

  • Competition Uniforms

  • Competition Entry Fees

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