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Special Olympics Track and Field (Athletics)

There is never any fee to register or participate in Special Olympic programs.  Optional travel fees may be incurred. 






Special Olympics Track and Field (Athletics) offers athletes from 8yr-21yr a co-ed, competitive program designed to have youth compete at a level that is comfortable and celebrates their successes.  As with all Special Olympics sports, Athletics offers athletes the opportunity to learn through skill development and competitive settings while promoting a safe and encouraging environment. Athletes in every event are grouped by age, gender, and ability – giving everyone a reasonable chance to win.  Through cooperation with the parent and athlete, an assessment will be done to find the perfect activity for them. The events for competition include:

  • Track - Walking events, Assisted walking events, wheelchair events,
    25 – 10,000 meter runs, hurdle events, and relay events

  • Field Events - Long jump, ball throws, shot-put, and mini-javelin

Athletes practice weekly on Sundays beginning August 8th.  The Summer Games competition will take place September 19 - 22 at Morgan's Wonderland in San Antonio, ending our Track & Field season.  


Differences of Special Olympics Athletics:


A major difference of Special Olympics Athletics is that all athletes go to a final. Special Olympics also requires that all athletes give their best effort at all times. An athlete at Special Olympics can adjust their qualifying time to obtain a better grouping in a future running heat. Additionally, Special Olympics Athletics modifies the heights in the high jump, conduct 10, 25, and 50 meter runs, walks and wheel chair events. These events don’t exist in International Association of Athletics Federations competitions. (source

Track and Field (Athletics) Fact Sheet:

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